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    Painting Action Installation 

english summary, the pages you find by clicking are still in german, therefore you find below a little more explanation, so you can look on the sites and the pictures shown there

  • who is Violetta? stage painter since 1990, tries to paint her own pictures to make the beholder forget HAVE for a while and feel only BEING
  • Subscribe now: My little book "Zweimal durchs Osterhasenjahr" "Two times through Easter bunnies' year" will be printed (without publishers) as soon as 50 registrations have reached me .
    • Exhibition "Aus Wald und Flur - Selbst ist das Tier" , Museum Heylshof, Worms, Stephansgasse 9, 67547 Worms, 7/8 2011 exhibition impressions and as well in Picasa
    • The 1-Billion-Euro-Project (see below) participatied in an exhibition im Wiesbaden, Künstlerverein Walkmühle as a booklet in 2010 and was included by UNESCO to the Days of Action of the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development Sept. 2011
    • "Grand Landscape with Car and Animal", in Burggrafiat Alzey, June 2010 exhibition impressions
    • Oktober 2009 in Schauraum, Zornstraße 11 (Weg), Worms: The 1-Billion-Euro-Project and Impressions from the exhibition
    • in the Window of Walpodenakademie four peace agreements 1/2009 Neubrunnenstr. 8, Mainz
    • Series "really rescueing measures", how to cure human's damages of nature by technics, e.g. "trick films for wild animals how to cross the road", "training machines for moving trees so that they can withstand the increasing storm power", exhibition in Bad Harzburg and Sankt Andreasberg/Harz Nov/Dec 2007
    • New series "homo sperans", peace agreements with english text
    • "Place for living", Simulated coloured glas windows by means of rubbish bags in the main railway station in Mainz from March, 3rd to April 1st 2006. The theme of the picture is young people in desolate towns and unadequate architecture. "Ort zum Leben", pdf-Version
    • "Spiel natürlich gut" "Play naturally well", a short exhibition for only two days within the exhibition serie "Kunstblitz 1" "Art flash 1" of the art association Kunstverein Eisenturm Mainz e.V.. Nice pictures can be seen here Kunstverein Eisenturm Mainz

    • Exhibition "Strange Regions" (mostly new pictures) in Mainz-Bretzenheim Aug. 2005

    • Exhibition: "Strange regions", pictures referring to music of Morton Feldman,
      Landhotel Schloss Sörgenloch
      Schlossgasse 7-9, 55270 Sörgenloch, Nov 2004
    • "Rom-Mainz or Paintied Cities deceivingly beautiful", Aquarell with drawing, Stadtbibliothek Mainz, Rheinallee 3B,
      Sept. 2004, Two very different cities painted as if they were both beautiful. /li>
    • Exhibition in an oldfashionned barn within a quarter of restored historic industry buildings, now containing artist's laboratories, appartements and two restaurants. "Sheep and Mirror Sheep", made of cheep plastics for rubbish, bags. The sheep represent the powerless and dependent creature, although the whole installation forms a nearly idyllic, pastoral situation. May 2004

    • Action Painitng "Wall Tales", with spectators, May 2 2004, 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., some pictures from the beginning until the end

    • Exhibition about cars, environment, society, including a large picture I made for this exhibition, at the Rathaus (Communitiy Center) of Stadt Mainz, with many fotos and information by a state environmental ministery and by local agenda 21 Mainz (Forums Lokale AGENDA 21 Mainz), from Oct 13 to 30, 03, Mo-Fr 8 am to 6 pm and Sa 8 am to 2 pm. On Oct. 15, 7 pm you can listen to some informative lectures (in german)
    • paintings, Künstlergruppe 57: (which means group of artists) pictures, drawings, paintings of books which are inspired by a visit in Prague, where a saw old books in a cloister, which seemed to vanish, to fade due to old language, old material, old contents, large paintings on Morton Feldman since 5/02 with a link to an english web site!
      Review of exhibition in Mainz, large paintings, esp. Morton Feldman and others, Oct. 19 to Oct 27, 02, Binger Str. 14 - 16 (Taubertsberg) near main station, takes some minutes because it contains many pictures
    • Book for children about Easter bunnies for download here, 24 pictures, no english translation. Please write if you are interested in an english summary of the story.

    • wall design with ornamental borders, hand painted wallpapers, made on canvas, cloth or paper, can be ordered fitting to the room in any design, (motif, colors) wished by the user
    • indroduction of a "Manual for single cats"
    • , where you learn, how to "train" your cat, if she or he lives indoors only
    • advertising banners,  decorative painting for appartments and selected firms, can be ordered (not for any purpose and any firm of course)
    • scenery, from advice to complete design and carrying-out;
    • My comment to after the war in Iraq including english translation
    • ideas and solutions for all cases (only the really unnecessary ones!), but without any system!   e.g. recreation site for incessant flooded of stimuli, stage- play!
    • links to nice or useful sites in the web,
    • e-mail-box
           Update 11/07